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Neighborhood News

Bowling Green Firework Ordinance
Posted on Jun 29th, 2020
Fieldstone Farms Subdivision resides within the City of Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Therefore, residents within the subdivision must abide by the Bowling Green Firework Ordinance No. BG2011-51 with regards to the storage, sale, and use of fireworks within the City limits.
Fireworks may only be used between the hours of noon and 10:00 p.m. on June 27th through July 3rd and on July 5th and between the hours of noon and 11:00 p.m. on July 4th. 
For additional information on the "Firework Use Restrictions Map" and "Fireworks Special Discharge (Guide & Permit) from the City Fire Dept" visit the link associated with the article "Bowling Greens Firework Ordinance" on WBKO's website or go to www.bgky.org.
Non-Compliance in COVID-19 Times
Posted on Apr 14th, 2020
If you or a resident of Fieldstone Farms Subdivision observes and would like to report non-compliance of the social distancing recommendation in Bowling Green, Kentucky, you can contact the Barren River District Health Department at (270) 781-8039 or report the matter online at https://www.barrenriverhealth.org.  The Bowling Green Police Department does not have authority over this activity.
How to Recognize and Report Suspected Drug Activity
Posted on Mar 10th, 2020
(Adapted for Bowling Green’s Fieldstone Farms Subdivision from an article written by Lieutenant Michael Bishop of the Norristown Police Department · April 29, 2019.)

Do you know how to recognize suspected drug activity in your neighborhood? Do you know how to report the activity by utilizing Bowling Green’s Crime Stoppers Hotline, the Warren County Drug Task Force, or the Non-Emergency Police Department number.  Supply the information concerning the suspected drug activity and the individual selling illegal drugs.  As much information as possible should be provided, i.e. license plate numbers, vehicle descriptions, time and date of activity, descriptions of subjects, etc.  All calls are kept confidential.
How to Recycle Unwanted Household Items
Posted on Mar 10th, 2020
Your home may be filled with items that are no longer useful but can potentially be manufactured into new products.  Not only will getting rid of household items declutter your home, it also will help reduce waste sent to landfills, conserve natural resources and create jobs in recycling and manufacturing industries in the United States.  Before you toss out your unwanted household items, consider recycling the following:
Atmos Energy - Notice to Customers - New Provisions Related to the Call-Before-You-Dig Requirement
Posted on Aug 1st, 2019
Atmos Energy recently mailed-out notices to customers about the "new provisions related to the call-before-you-dig requirement".  If you are considering digging anywhere on your property, please be certain to call 811 before you dig.  Any damage to natural gas lines from excavation work can lead to explosion or fire and can cause property damage, serious injuries or death. 
Once the call center is contacted (at least two working days prior to the start of excavation), natural gas operators will come out and mark the location of gas lines on residents' properties.  
Penalties for violating the statute are up to $1,250 for the first violation, $2,000 for a second violatin, and $4,000 for subsequent violations.
Contact Atmos Energy with questions.
Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
Posted on Jul 17th, 2012
Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
352 Three Springs Road
Bowling Green, KY 42104
(270) 782-0800
A great place to find information for "What's Happening in Bowling Green" is the Bowling Green Area Convention & Visitors Bureau website.  The website is kept current of all the events taking place in Bowling Green.

Bowling Green City Site
Posted on May 8th, 2009
Check out the City of Bowling Green's Website for more information on important numbers and events around the community!!


1434 Cave Mill Rd
Bowling Green, KY  42104
(270)842-1364  Fax (270)842-1563
704 Cypress Wood Way
Bowling Green, KY 42104
5065 Scottsville Road
Bowling Green, KY  42104


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Upcoming Events

Fieldstone Farms HOA Board and General Meeting
Thursday, August 20th, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. at Berkshire Hathaway Partners Realty, 2424 Airway Court, Ste A
Residential owners in Fieldstone Farms are welcome to attend the Homeowners Association (HOA) Board Meeting.  These occur the third Thursday of the month, quarterly.  Please check the website (www.fieldstonefarmsbyky.com) regularly for upcoming events and information helpful to residents of Fieldstone Farms.
2020 Fall Neighborhood Yard Sale
Saturday, September 19th, Beginning at 7:00 a.m. at Fieldstone Farms Subdivision - Bowling Green, Kentucky
Fieldstone Farms' Fall Neighborhood Yard Sale will take place on Saturday, September 19, 2020, beginning at 7:00 a.m.
Signs will be placed at strategic points throughout the neighborhood by the Home Owners Association (HOA).  Ads on the neighborhood yard sale will be placed in the Country Peddler and the Daily News.