About Us

A Declaration of Neighborhood Roles, Rights & Responsibilities
We come together as neighborhood people working to preserve and improve our neighborhoods.
As neighborhood people we have the right to self determination and empowerment; to be advised and consulted on public policies and public/private initiatives affecting our neighborhoods; to have our neighborhood values, culture and history recognized and respected; and to have the authority and the resources to establish neighborhood organizations.
As neighborhood people we have the responsibility to advise governments and others of neighborhood values, culture and history; to listen to the views of all residents; to help one another to care for children, the aging and others in need; to promote self-sufficiency of residents and economic and social development of the neighborhood; to guide our youth; to look out for the safety of our homes and streets, maintain our properties, and make proper use of public facilities; and to strive diligently to achieve liberty and justice for all.
As neighborhood people we look to a variety of governments, voluntary organizations, businesses and philanthropy to meet neighborhood needs for personal, social and economic development; to fund neighborhood organizations and services; to respect neighborhood values, culture and history; and to be held accountable for how their actions affect our neighborhoods.
As neighborhood people we ask that the actions of neighborhood residents and organizations, governments, businesses and philanthropy by guided by the principle of equity, participation and accountability.
Adopted by NUSA (Neighborhoods, USA) May 16, 1993
Fieldstone Farms Home Owner Association (HOA)
The developers of this subdivision saw the need for a mandatory home owner association.  Each home owner is required to pay $25 in dues to the Fieldstone Farms HOA.  We hope that you will see this money as being an investment into the future of our association.
The object and purpose of the Home Owner's Association:
  1. Promote and develop the common good, safety, health, recreation, environment and welfare of the Lot Owners.
  2. Enforce design, architectural and environmental standards as established by the Design Review Committee.
  3. Promoting the development of recreational, social, cultural and educational programs to meet the needs and interests of the Lot Owners.
The purpose of your $25 home owner association dues are to be used exclusively for the improvement, maintenance and operation of the entrances, common areas, open spaces, recreation areas, lighting, security, landscaping, storm water detention and all other items such as the payment of taxes and insurance, the payment of utilities, the payment for repair, replacement and additions, and for the cost of labor, equipment, materials, management and supervision.
All of this information as well as more details can be found in your Protective Covenants and Restrictive Covenants.